Sunday, April 20, 2014

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle (槟城白咖哩面)

An advantage for blogging frequently about food is that i often have friends recommending good / cheap eats in Singapore. One such example was when a few friends tagged me on Facebook in a picture of an instant noodle that was all the rage in Malaysia. 

I bought a pack of four in Changi Village when i saw them in for sale in an old school provision shop and left them forgotten in the kitchen cupboard for close to three months until yesterday! Frankly, i am more a cup noodles fan and would only eat instant noodles when i am hungry yet too lazy to walk out of the house! 

Cooking was a breeze (duh) and i followed the timing to the exact second (180 seconds to boil the noodles according to the instructions), after which would be the addition of the three sachets namely, the seasoning powder (where our intake of MSG comes from), the chilli paste and the non-dairy creamer.

With a few slices of steamed chicken, i guaranteed this would have a more professional appearance; problem was i didn't have chicken, prawns and generally any other kind of meat except for eggs. Taste wise, it was seriously better than expected, especially the springy noodles which were good enough for me to literally ignore my reduce-carbohydrate routine. 

In any case, the broth would be the one given a lot more attention by curry lovers; it was spicy even though not in the way that numbed my taste buds. Instead, i sweated non-stop even though i was eating the noodles in the comfort of my own house (with a full blast fan blowing directly on my head)! The milky, spice infused curry was delicious and aromatic but could have done better with more body flavour (maybe adding extra coconut milk would help?). In this aspect, i personally thought the more expensive Prima Taste's Laksa was a notch better. 


S$4.20 for a pack of four.
(price might differ)

Where to Buy?
I bought mine from a provision shop in Changi Village but i understand that they are now available for sale in Cold Storage and Giant! 

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