Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boneless Salted Water Chicken (去骨盐水鸡) @ Shida Night Market (師大夜市), Taipei

One of the recommended eats from friends who had been to Taiwan was this particular stall in Shida Night Market selling a product known literally as  Salted Water Chicken

With a mish mash of ingredients in the humongous metal pot, i knew i would not be so adventurous to go for internal organs like kidney etc and indicated almost immediately to the lady for a serving of chicken breast meat for takeaway. 

The peppery fragrance was noticeably strong and i bet i can feel Alex's thoughts at that point! He must be saying in his picky head that he would have nothing to do with this purchase and Cavin would have to ingest everything himself!

This was exactly what happened in the end! 

Anyway, coming back to the subject, this chicken was too tough and oily for my liking (changing it to thigh meat might be better) and i couldn't say i enjoy the spicy, peppery flavour (nor do i like white / steamed chicken skin). The one comparison that came to mind was Singapore's famous Hainanese Chicken and it would win this cold Chicken in Salted Water easily! 


Within Shida Night Market (師大夜市). Just walk along the main street of activity; Long Quan (龍泉街) and you would be sure to see the same stall in the first photograph.

Chicken Breast Meat - NT$60

As above

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