Sunday, April 06, 2014

New Age Fortune Telling @ 妖怪郵便局 [Idashao, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan]

I can bet with you; the future of fortune telling is going to change with the advancement of technology. Just two days ago, Alex chanced upon a machine outside a monster-themed retail shop that advertised an ability to conveniently 'read' your fortune in a -vending machine- form!

As usual, he was intrigued and NT10 (roughly S$0.40) was a small price to pay to satisfy his curiousity. 

Directions, in Chinese, were along the line of "pay NT10, say your wishes or whatever you want to know in your mind with sincerity and wait for your fortune. 

In a mechanism similar to the cuckoo clock, the face-less postman would enter into the temple and deliver a roll of paper which can be collected from a compartment on the side.

Unlike the old school palm reading device that dispensed only a one-sentence ambiguous advice, you are guaranteed to have more details with this upgraded version!

Alex didn't want to divulge much but there were answers on the paper for questions / advice, travel, move house, marriage, study, employment, business and even lost items!


Shopping street in Idashao 
Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

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