Monday, August 13, 2012

Roti John @ Adam Road Food Centre [Ibrahim Mee Stall]

I was spoiled with food choices when i paid Adam Road Food Centre a visit recently. Should i have the famous nasi lemak (which i have not blogged yet), the oyster omelette or other stalls plastered with accolades and news articles?

It is a hard decision to make, as it has always been for hawker centres!

Eventually, i settled on Ibrahim Mee Stall. 

The reason was simple; the heading from an article that said "Jolly Roti John" with a rating of 4 out of 5 spoons! It was a long time since my last one at Changi Airport and the thought of sinking my teeth into a hot and oily baguette, covered in a mix of tomato and chilli sauce, was just irresistible! 

Dah Tah! 

As far as the bread was concerned, i am standing on the thin line between liking and disliking this 4-spoon rating roti john. The good points were that it came piping hot and the loaf was not thick, resulting in a comfortable bite. What's not up to par was the thin surface layer of pan-fried egg with almost tasteless minced mutton!

Thankfully, Ibrahim (who i assumed to be the owner) managed to whip up a pretty mean red sauce that didn't look like it came straight out from a factory named Yeos, SOS or Heinz. And it was because of this addictive sauce that i managed to clean up the roti!


2, Adam Road, #01-04
(Adam Food Centre)

Mutton Roti John - S$3.50

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