Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tyersall House (aka Istana Woodneuk) - An Unsuccessful Trip @ Tyersall Avenue (Near Botanic Gardens)

There is no better time to start the Chinese Ghost Month (otherwise known as the 7th Month) with a post related to paranormal activities!

Just a few weeks ago, i "psycho" my friends to accompany me for a photography exploration to an abandoned house i visited in year 2007. Why did i take so long for a revisit?

All the while, i had wanted to bypass the 3 to 4-meter long metal gate with that fierce looking pointy spikes but the perpetual sign of no-trespassing put me off. I had my brush with the police before and i am not willing to risk my reputation again.

However, the sign was missing when i drove past the area a month ago and it was with excitement when i found the gate to be unlocked! Frankly, the voice in my heart was screaming "Yipeeeeee" at that time!

Anyway, there is where we shall start the journey and hopefully, we would be able to take better quality pictures than the ones taken five years ago.

The path to the house was still visible and remained flanked by tall trees and undergrowth. Despite its off beaten look, the path used to be a road with a security post next to the main gate.

Be prepared to spend a few minutes walking in. 

For those who are unaware, the house i am intending to explore is popularly known as Tyersall House. It has another name, Istana Woodneuk, and was said to be a palace built for the 4th wife of the Sultan of Johor.

Disappointment seeped in when we came to a dead end. The pathway was supposed to be extended for at least a hundred meters or so before diverting to another hilly pathway to the side! :(

I was contemplating to enter through this illegal opening at the gate entrance but i could see my friends were not absolutely keen in making the move! And i am a scaredy cat when it comes to solitary expedition!

Plus, the red ants spared no expense in deterring us from venturing further.
We shall blame it on fate then!

Nonetheless, i guess this would be a good time to post some of the blurred pictures i took using my cannot-make-it phone back in 2007. And if fate has its way, i would make another trip to Istana Woodneuk soon.

Taken in Year 2007!

The pathway back then was a lot more untidy.

This was the hilly pathway and i remember it was damn muddy!!! There were a few heavy construction equipment lying around so i was actually expecting that the government had some ideas in mind to develop the surrounding; an assumption that was proven wrong in my recent visit.

My mud splattered shoe and pants!

Istana Woodneuk loomed in front of us.

The compound was huge for a private property and the main building was in serious state of disrepair; a good environment for thrill seekers. 

When i heard about this house in 2007 via SPI forum, it was said to be abandoned but the house remained to be quite a pretty sight and "explorable". But there was a big fire just before i made my official visit.

Blue roof tiles lying broken on the ground. The blue-tiled roof was noticeable from Google Earth before the inferno. 

Entrance to the main building. There was a professional photography session although i am not sure which magazine it was for (the model was half naked though). Haha.

We would have checked out the building but poor Vannie was waiting for us at the muddy pathway. She was not willing to sacrifice her new Birkenstock sandals for some houses!

*fingers pointing*
Yes, let's blame her!! =P


As above. Star denotes the gate where the red circle is location of the Istana Woodneuk.

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  1. The ant picture looks perfect! Perfect pixels! Good job! :D I wish I could join u in such adventures.

  2. Thanks Cecilia! I bet you have loads of abandoned houses to explore in the place you stay at! :P

  3. Like seeeeeeeeeriously? Ok, pls let me know when u're coming down to explore abandoned houses in my place. HAHA! I don't mind tagging along :P

  4. u should let me know where the abandoned houses are!! Haha.

    Maybe you could try exploring the tram tracks up penang hill at night? :P

  5. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Hi, would you mind giving me the directions to the gate into the istana wookneuk? i am planning on making a trip down there myself! :)

    1. Sure! But it is no longer as straightforward now as the road has been blocked. You can see the gate if you travel from Holland Road towards Orchard and then enter Tyersall Avenue. Check out Google Map street view before you visit.

  6. Hello. How to get the place ? From which mrt can get there ? Holland or botanic garden mrt ?

    1. Hallo, it's hard to get there and you would have to navigate through wild vegetation! Botanic Garden is nearer but it is still a long walk from one end of the garden to the other.


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