Sunday, August 05, 2012

Repair Your iPhone with A Reliable Company - My Good Experience with iPhonefix @ Waterloo Centre [Bras Basah]

Repairing mobile phones in Singapore used to be a nerving experience for the owners.

We have heard of numerous cases where the precious metal parts are replaced (without your permission) with cheaper alternatives or personal data were compromised and also of service staff who have no idea what they are doing, except to take things apart and recommend a million other additions to make your phone more "powerful"

That's when you can put your absolute confidence in iPhonefix.

To allay your fears (caused by the many bad nuts in the industry), you are more than welcome to sit comfortably (the shop has air-conditioning) in front of the staff member servicing your phone and glue your eyes on his/her every little movement.

On honesty, i can totally trust this person by the name of Greg.

I first visited iPhonefix 3-4 months ago due to the faulty power button on my iPhone (that explained the lack of blog entries on iPhone apps and games for the past few months). He told me the cost and could have proceeded to earn the S$70 but he didn't.

In actual fact, he advised that i go back to my service provider as my iPhone was likely to be covered under warranty and i would have gotten a replacement for free! Greg even took the trouble to check some model numbers thingy (could be IMEI) to confirm his suspicion!

If there's one thing i admire in business, it's the-hard-to-find integrity and honesty. Okay, that's two words but i guess you get my picture. By the way, i didn't even have to pay a single cent for diagnostic service!

The story doesn't end here unfortunately. I didn't bother to return to Starhub on this power button issue and by the time i could not bear with the inconvenience anymore, the warranty has lapsed!

It's a trip back to iPhonefix!

Ten minutes were all it took for Greg to take out the casing, remove the parts one by one, replace the power button strip (which came with a one-month warranty) and re-assemble the phone.

Unlike the repair i took upon myself for my Panasonic Lumix camera, the steps taken to repair the iPhone were just too troublesome. I lost count after step number ten.

Just the screws were enough to make me think twice; they were so minuscule and i am unable to make any assurance that all the screws will be accountable, given how butter fingered i am!

For a man, i am damn impressed with Greg's dexterity!


261, Waterloo Street,
Waterloo Centre, #02-11
[near to Bras Basah MRT Station]

As above.

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 11am - 9pm
Saturday: 1pm - 8pm
Sunday: 1pm - 6pm
Public Holiday: Call +65 8338 6781


By cash only!

Other Services
iPhonefix provides repairs (cracked screen, battery replacement, unresponsive buttons, water damage, wifi problems etc) not only to iPhones but also iPads and Macbooks.


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

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  2. no problem! I know many iPhone users are as skeptical as i do when it comes to repair.

  3. Hi Cavin!

    Glad that you like our service and thanks giving us such a strong testimonial :)

  4. Hallo!

    Well, you guys (esp Greg) deserve it! So you don't have to thank me for writing a strong testimonial. :)


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    1. what?! i am sorry but i don't really get your comment at all.

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