Thursday, August 09, 2012

Revisiting the Best Char Kway Teow in Singapore [最好吃炒粿条] @ 132 Jalan Bukit Merah [生成炒粿条]

Egg is such a perfect ingredient that i could not imagine an omnivorous life without it!

However, our topic today is not on the 100% protein food; instead this was a re-post on what i believe to be the best char kway teow in Singapore!

A bit on the history of this stall (i don't usually touch on historical facts as i vehemently believed that regardless of the history, the taste is what that matters most to me); original site was at Wayang Street, the current owner (and chef) learned his skill from his father (who hailed from China) and he has been frying the local black noodles dish for over 40 years!

Eggs are commonly added to Char Kway Teow (guess all locals are aware of this) but my interest was recently piqued when i saw a customer asking for an additional sunny side up! I knew i had to try it out!

The sunny side up did not result in any taste difference and i thought it would be more worth the money for the extra egg to be stir fried together with the noodles.

Nonetheless, i am still pleased with the extra black kway teow which remained as good, as delicious and as sinful as the very first time i had it six / seven years ago! 

For advice on "how to order" for that perfect char kway two, please click HERE.

Remember to ask for extra pork lard!


Block 132, Jalan Bukit Merah
[GHK Food House]

As above [red star]

Char Kway Teow - S$2.50
With A Sunny Side Up? Extra S$0.50! 

Additional Information
The stall closes on Fridays even though there are days when the owner decides not to open for business. To avoid disappointment, please call 9623-6195 before you make your way down.

I am not the only person who holds the strong belief that this is one of the best Char Kway Teow!

Again, you may read my original review at the following weblink;

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