Monday, May 03, 2010

Wild Honey - A Truly International Breakfast @ Mandarin Gallery (Orchard)

Having breakfast at 8pm can be rather disturbing since mummy taught me from young that breakfast should be taken at 8am, not 8pm!!!

That said, Cavin never reject a free meal, especially in times like this. My deepest appreciation for Mr Pek (and Dr Oh for his treat at the Heaven's Loft, which i will reserve for a later posting).

In addition to various types of bread and limited selection of pastries, the specialty here is the range of national breakfasts; English, Canadian, Mexican, Japanese, Tunisian, Swiss, Belgian etc etc etc.

The English
Typical of an English morning meal, there were sausage, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, toast, mashed eggs, potatoes and beans.

This was a pretty rich offering and i found it to be generally better than the others (which unfortunately were limited to the one in Hans). The only exception was the hard, overcooked bacon!

The Tunisian  
A combined stew of chopped up onions, dices of tomatoes, segments of sausages and eggs served in a hot pan with two slices of thick toast and a mini cup of..... eh.... chopped up vegetables. 

This mixture was perfect!

The gravy reminded me of a way better version of the spaghetti sauce and the plain toasted bread completed this dish. By itself, the stew will be too savoury for the taste buds. 


#03-02, Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road

On the high side with the English being S$22.00 and the Tunisian at S18.00. Plain water was served with no additional charge.

Additional Information
Though the portions might look little, they do serve the purpose of filling up.............. and fattening us!!!

I am supposed to be on a non carbo diet after 6pm!!!

Helmed by two ang mohs, the ambience of the cafe focused on the homely theme, resulting in a more relaxed dining environment for patrons.

By the way, no reservation! 
So, be prepared to queue!

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