Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jurong Bird Park

A name that brought back many young memories; when we were still in primary or secondary school.. But seriously, most of you should go back and revisit those memories.

It changed a bit (same bird shows) but at least its an educational and fulfiling trip! Provided u are not extremely terrified of birds and your main purpose is to "know" those featheries, not just "see" them.

Five of us (Weeyuan, Vanessa, Lock, Alex and I of course) woke up early in the morning and we enjoyed ourselves immersely, despite the stormy, thundery weather!

Snow Owl..
Its really cute. Its not Only Majestic, but Dignified and Most of all, Cuddly! lol

God Knows What These Two Were Doing...

 Our Favourite Attraction in the Park, The Lory Loft. Strongly Recommended! But please bring an umbrella!
 Our Lockie Boy with his arms, hands, fingers full of Lories.
They are Beautiful. They Bite Hard too!
To Protect Lockie from being Recognised, His face was Mosaiced and Double Blocked Out.

Alex Drinking From the Man made Waterfall. 

Made a Very OBVIOUS statementStaged by Weeyuan

Its been a trip well spent. And my knowledge on nature had deepened (on birds obviously)!! Biggest, Fastest, Heaviest bird is Ostrich! Puffin Classis Emblem is a real bird!! Etc Etc.

Next trip will be the zoo i guess. Lol.
Lets hope i can get the free entry pass again!!

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  1. YES!!!! I hope to go to the Zoo soon ... Count me in ok... hehe.. ;>


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