Sunday, January 03, 2010

With Suspense - Traffic Offense for Parking along Double Zig Zag Lines

What more can i say?

I can only wait until our efficient and hardworking (it's only the second day of 2010) traffic police officer, Jerome, submits his "returns" to the headquarters before the final verdict is out.

  • Would it be 6 demerit points or 9 demerit points?
  • Would it be S$150 fine or S$200?
  • Pity it's not election month. =(

Although it is damn deserving of me to park at double zig zag line, i will treat it as a lesson well learnt.

Karma is what i believe in and with that in mind, i hope i will get a significant sum (in S$) for performance bonus coming 18th January 2010.

Fine, had heard that performance bonus is going to be pathetic! Not gonna be hopeful in that then!

At the very very least, a guaranteed first prize in 4D tomorrow!!!


Don't say i never give valuable information hor!
There are a few numbers in the attached picture (above) you can play around for 4D and TOTO. If you win, generous donations are sincerely welcome!

And stop blaming yourself, WY!! It's Wendy's fault!! Wahahahaha. 

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