Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rider's Cafe - Where Horses Trot @ Bukit Timah

Unlike most cafes with fanciful names that may not necessarily relate to anything visible, Rider's Cafe stands out for offering what you hope to see when you are dining there; horse riders.

Due to its close proximity to the saddle club, it is not surprising to see horses trotting leisurely along the dirt path. The laid back atmosphere gives an impression that you are overseas, far away from stressful and fast paced Singapore.

The cafe itself is located within an old, black and white building that hails from the colonial period. So you can imagine, all the aforementioned factors point towards a place that is so different from what we thought we had in Singapore.

Enough about the cafe's outlook and surrounding!!!

In food-abundance Singapore, the most important factor to assess an eatery is the taste of the food. For budget constraint ME (i am just a poor chap), another equally important factor is the price for dining.

Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jelly Milkshake

It's been so long since i had such a fabulous milkshake!! On one hand, both Kon and I love it when we can suck up (using the straw of course) the partially solidified peanut butter with a noticeable hint of raspberry. On the other hand, both Alex and Van find the taste to be too weird.

Crabmeat Vin Blanc

I ordered this. The pasta was nicely done and should have been a good meal for me. Unfortunately, i found it to be too spicy... although i had to agree that a lot of crabmeat were given! Definitely worth the price!

Seafood Marinara

This dish is commonly found in many western food stalls in the hawker centres. Personally, i tried a really good one in Sembawang Hills Food Centre. The one served in Rider's Cafe was definitely not bad but with so many competent competitors that offer a lower price, its seafood marinara did not stand out.

Gorgonzola Ravioli

Not the best i had; the taste was nothing exciting. The Ravioli i had in La Petite was definitely more memorable.  Poor Kon.... He ordered this. :P

Death By Chocolate

My recommendation? Eat this after everything else. Although the title of the dish might sound a little exaggerated, four of us almost died after eating it.

Yes, FOUR of us!!!

The large slice of chocolate sponge cake drenched with bitter-sweet chocolatey sauce....... Oh, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream which always go SO well with chocolate.


Overall, we spent roughly S$90.00 on this meal. I would have been able to give all of you a price breakdown but our dear Alex had happily dumped the receipt into the dustbin (i knew of this only two hours later).  My review on Rider's Cafe may not astonishing but one thing i am pretty sure, i would be back there soon.

51, Fairways Drive.
Motorists can turn into this road from Eng Neo Avenue.

Additional Information:
Always call for reservation!! Tel: 64669819.

The place might be booked for private functions. In addition, making a reservation is good when you prefer to have a seating area near to the window, where you can have a better view of the surroundings.

Since the cafe is quite far from the main road, driving would prove to be more convenient. Of course, exercise freaks may consider walking in. 

For drivers, drive carefully when you turn into fairway drive! Horses do appear suddenly and you would not want to know the implications if you ever knock them!

Do look carefully when you walked outside the cafe. The horses are not toilet trained and their output is not small.

Lastly, for those who cannot do without air-con (yes Karen, i mean you!), the place is NOT air-conditioned!


  1. KaReN2:50 PM

    Thanks for the heads up! Just for Alden's sake... I might try to bear with it... :-p

  2. hahahahha. so that he can see the horses??


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