Saturday, January 30, 2010

Japanese Sweets @ Nippon-Ya (ION Orchard)

I bought a few tins of sweets as Christmas gifts from this newly opened Japanese sweets shop in Ion Ochard. I was attracted due to its retro packaging (nice mh) but was surprised by the marvelous taste!!

The first suck:
it was not overly sweet.

The second suck:
it had a certain fragrance, like a very mild perfume.

The third suck:
for flavours like rose, there were rose petals encapsulated within the sweet!!

These were totally beyond my expectations. The orignal natural notion that all sweets were super sugar laden was thrown out the moment i had these sweets swirling in my mouth.

For these particular tins of sweets, I have tried Strawberry Milk, Rose Drops and Lavender. Other flavours are available and i will try them in due course. The most popular flavour (according to the service personnel) is the wine flavour.

At S$5.30 for one tin weighing 85 grams, they were not cheap but it beats travelling to Japan every time you crave one. And i am pretty confident i will be back soon to purchase other made-in-japan products like mochi, bread, pudding, jelly etc etc!!

Ion Orchard (next to Orchard MRT Station), B4-13 or
The Central (above Clark Quay MRT Station), B1-39.

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