Friday, January 01, 2010

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ (주신정) @ West Coast

My first humble experience with Korean BarBeQue (bbq) started with Seoul Garden @ Marina Square almost 15 years ago. I was then blown away by the Korean style of meat-marination, which differs from the spice-based, char-siew based or honey-based marination we have in Singapore.

Yesterday, i was again impressed by this Korean bbq restaurant that i heard so much from my NUS colleagues. Though we spent over S$100 for 4 persons, it was a worthy meal we had!



Charcoal bbq!! Meat cooked over charcoal has always tasted better than any other modes of cooking. For a barbeque lover like me, this is the ultimate enjoyment (for food of course).


Two jars of cold barley tea and plain water were dispensed for each table. You finish one bottle, you can request for another. At no additional charge!!

I love Korean barley tea! By the way, it's different from the barley water all of us are accustomed to.


Impressive side dishes!

To name a few, there were kimchi (of around 2-3 types), fried pumpkin cakes (mini), seasoned onions, pumpkin soup (i thought this was more paste like than soup), 江鱼仔 (what's it called in English), some seaweed in seasoned water, cold tofu with spicy paste and a tray of leafy vegetables (not sure if it's given because of the BBQ items ordered)!

I remember a delicious dish of fried lotus roots from my last visit (had only set lunch then) but it was missing this round.

The best part of this wide array of side dishes?? You can refill them too!!!


The well-marinated meat of course!

We ordered a portion of chicken, pork and beef. Two ways of bbq-ing; you could ask the staff to bbq on your behalf or you could always do it yourself. Simple enough right?

The beef was nothing extraordinary but we were really impressed with the chicken and pork. How should i describe it? Although i could use japanese teriyaki chicken and pork satay to define the taste, it was really something more than that.


Remember the leafy vegetables i mentioned at "THIRD"? It has a special role to play for this bbq meal!

Smeared with sesame oil, garlic, special Korean savoury paste and if you prefer, with any of the side dishes, the crunchy vegetables were delegated as a "wrapper" for the cooked meat; just like the Natsumi burgers from MOS Burgers!

A playful way to eat your meal (like homemade popiah) and a really healthy way of eating!

Good for me!


No, it hasn't ended! What comes after all the above?

A slice of heart-shaped watermelon and a fantastically refreshing bowl of cold rice tea!

This special tea concluded the whole meal; sweet, balanced and fulfilling


Total Damage
$110.65, with the following:
1 portion of Chicken @$22
1 portion of Pork @$22
1 portion of Beef @$30
1 bowl of spicy seafood + tofu soup @$16
4 Water/Tea/Towel @$4
Service charge @10%
Goods and services tax @7%

The addresses and contacts are listed in the below below.

Additional Information
Remember to make a reservation!! It could get pretty crowded and waiting time could be long.

Service was overall good with friendly, helpful staff and relatively quick deliverance of our orders. However, i would strongly suggest that the restaurant has a staff member stationed permanently at the front desk to handle walk-in customers and reservations.

For families with children, there is a play-ground within the restaurant! And for those who prefer more privacy, rooms are available.

Lastly, be prepared to smell really bad after your meal.

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