Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crabs - The Best Way to Cook Them

What's the best way to cook a crab?

From my previous makan (food) postings, it may imply that crabs in butter are my favourite but i beg to differ. My favourite style of cooking a crab is.............


Mundane? Definitely.
Common? No doubt about that.

So? I still think steamed is the best way of cooking a crab! Tear away the hardy shell (which can take a while depending on your skills; i prefer to use my metal teeth), and you will find meat that is so sweet, so delicious that you wouldn't mind the fishy smell stuck to your fingers!! 

As with any seafood, freshness is the key to its taste. In a way, sauces and spices can enhance the flavour. However, in order to savour its pure sweetness and salty flavour, seafood is best eaten steamed.

Argumentative i know. 

Want to have the true taste? Eat it raw. At least that's what i have heard before. Well, face it. To each his/her own!!!

*meixin, please help me thank your mom again for the bag of steamed crabs!!!!*

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