Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Feel So Guilty

I just got a new car recently but tat has sadly culminated into a rather unwilling mentality to bring my dog out for "jalan jalan". Beside the fact that my new car has aircon (finally) with new seats etc, the very notion of my fairly haired Rubee dripping his saliva (i understand its a physiological necessity) made me think twice to bring him out!!

Sighz.... I feel so bad sometimes. Not tat im incessantly anthromorphic, but i still feel that its bad to just leave him alone. Two things may happen (high percentage),
  1. He will pee. If lucky (high % too), he will pee on the newspaper provided. A thing to note hor, he pees downstairs. And further info will tell you i live in a HDB flat. And for those who may not know wats that, its a high rise public housing!
  2. He will look at his pee and sniff it!! Its not so bad when he has short hair, with short beard, short whiskers. But if its bloody long, he will stain itl; not just one strand, one portion but all around!!! The hair will not only smell bad but it will be stained yellow, like what some men's white underwear will look like!!

 When He Sees You Wearing Shoes at the Balcony

The Last Look before You Close the Main Door

But who can ignore the above two faces that he potrays whenever i go out?!?!!? So i guess my mind is made up! I will shave him again!! It will make him comfortable and he dun reli need the look since he is 9 human years plus liao! Ok, my mind is made up!! After i earn more money first. Lol


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