Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Animals' Sensitivity

I wonder if I am more sympathetic towards animals (especially dogs) compared to homo-sapiens.

I just watched the movie ‘Eight Below’ and as usual, I sobbed a little. Yes, comparatively little since I sobbed a lot more when I watched Quill. No, I don’t see myself as a sensitive new age guy wannabe but just someone who has more passion and feelings towards animals (albeit domesticated ones) that unfortunately have practically nothing much to protect themselves from harm.

Few examples:

1) De-clawed cats have no way to use their sharp claws to maul those stupid humans who attempt to touch them thinking they are practically agreeable with any touch!! I learnt this lesson hard so I always think twice before trying to feel pitiful towards those doe eyed, apparently half starved felines.

2) De-barked dogs have no way to warn of any danger! Think about it, just imagine! There's a fire, u have no fire alarm, u are alone, asleep in the big four-poster bed and your dog senses it! They have an acute sixth sense (for the paranormal too) but they cannot bark to warn you when they are de barked!! Eventually, the smell of BBQ meat will waft to your neighbours.

There are endless issues of anthropomorphizing (which directly and also indirectly contribute to the above). Although I anthropomorphize to a certain extent, I did find some extreme cases from my pet shop days.

I believe animals have feelings but they can be interpreted in many different ways. More tests and analysis are required but it will be a rocky path since no one is able to know 100% what animals are thinking. If they do, they face an uphill task just to convince non-believers.

Hence, it still boils down to what we feel is right, according to our custom, religion and personality!!

To me, all living forms (yes, down to the much disgusted ticks) have feelings. So all those lame, cruel, sadistic, horrifying, perverted animals’ abusers, I sincerely hope that all of you can be reincarnated as the animals you have abused in your next life (I so believe in karma).

Of course, I do attribute feelings to my old car, a non living form. I was so sad when it was scrapped. I just had to think of it like in the show ‘herbie’, where the cars have feelings and can go to some sort of non living things heaven. :(

Yes, I know I have a new car now!!!

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