Saturday, April 29, 2006


Have anyone of you surf through youtube yet??? I love this website!! It enables me to search for additional info and clips of those korean tv serials that im so obsessed with recently!! Full House (tat stars rain and song huiqiao!) news, those NGs and the best is the Dae Jang Geum (da chang jin aka Jewel in/of the Palace).

 They have the reunion show where the actors (obviously our Min Jio Ho, but also have the King, the Uncle Dejiu and the Doctor who likes Changjin) and actresses (obviously Changjin, but also have GunYing, Cui Shangu, Han Shangu, Jung Shangu, Min Shangu, and the young Changjin!). Im so hooked on it!!

For those searching for pornographic, fisting, heading even, forget bout it, they normally screen thru the videos beforehand. Lol.

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