Saturday, April 22, 2006

Waraku Restaurant

Got a treat from my brother-in-law for the above mentioned restaurant situated at Marina Square. It's sort of a birthday celebration but i wondered why they chose this restaurant as compared to most of the others. A few comments here and there.

  1. Service was great and the personnel were very attentive and concerned about your needs.
  2. Food was so-so. Not so special with THAT KINDA price charged. Though the displays looked exquisite enuff.
  3. Price was considered mid range but for a poor guy like me, i dun think it's worth for the price though. We spent $102 for 5 people and im not exactly full. It could be more worth it if you ordered the set meals that include rice and udon/soba etc.
Would like to show more pictures but my cell phone reli screww up!! Except for the main picture, all e others looked screw up on computer!! So maybe next time! Anyway, i wun go back there again. I will prefer PS sixth level japanese food stall! Cheaper and much more tastier!!


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