Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise (Near Swissotel Resort Patong Beach) @ Phuket [Thailand]

I mentioned Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise in Day One of the Phuket trip and since it's so close to the hotel we stayed in throughout the vacation (Swissotel Resort Patong Beach); it's definitive that i would pay it a visit!

Two things drew my attention when i stepped in; the fairy lights that acted like an old school canopy and the large passage between two rows of shops. OTOP means One Tambon (mean sub-district and not tampon) One Product and it's a nationwide initiative to promote local products. 

In terms of what's for sale at the shops; most wouldn't differ much from those you can see along the main streets of Patong. The usual beachwear, casual clothes, tailor shops etc; boring stuff that don't quite excite me.

At my age, i am more interested in what i can buy for family / friends / colleagues and for my kitchen, living room, bedroom and toilets! It's more about practicality, than fashion which i have never been a fan of.

A large part of my time was spent in this local souvenir shop where Thai scent soaps, body lotions, snacks can be found. I was intrigued by the containers of clove toothpaste which honestly smelt like the Thai medicinal powder i ingested whenever i have a tummy ache!

There were many 'flavours' to choose from; coconut, original, pineapple, aloe vera etc. Finding them interesting, i got a dozen at 350 baht and if you would like to know if it's good to use (for the teeth); look out for my next post.

Igloo light installation; because it was only a couple of weeks after Christmas when i visited. Bet there would be other light installations now.

More shops existed at the back and to me; the things sold appealed to me better than just clothes although on second thought, the variety would not be comparable to what we can find in Bangkok! Cheaper in Bangkok too

I cringed whenever i see someone wear the sleeveless tee as above; if you really have them, flaunt them instead of hiding behind a piece of fabric! Haha.

Thailand is famous for their attractive tee-shirt designs; some controversial, a few vulgar and a number that might not be considered decent wear in religious countries. Just be mindful of what you buy.

As expected, you can find a number of bars at this place. It's quieter, less boisterous and not as happening as the electrifying atmosphere we felt at Bangla Street!

Those who intend to ink their body would have a few options; i used to have the intention to tattoo my body but that intention has weakened after my trip in summer to Hokkaido.

Reason? I thoroughly enjoyed the onsen experience in the open and people with tattoos are generally not welcome in the public onsen. Oh well, not much of an issue for me and i can save some money for another trip!


OTOP Shopping Paradises 237/15-20
Patong BeachRat Uthit, ถนน 200 Kathu, Amphoe Kathu,
Chang Wat Phuket 83150, Thailand


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