Sunday, June 17, 2018

Deer & Wolves - Prey and Predators @ Sapporo Maruyama Zoo [Hokkaido, Japan]

I think it's evil to keep deer and wolves in the same building and i am definitely standing on the side of the deer here; imagine having to face your predator every single day, until the day you die!

Of course, i am over-imagining things here as both species didn't have to literally face each other in their mundane zoo life and if those animated movies like Madagascar were even true; there's the ultra faint hope that they might have already been friends for being next-door neighbours.

Anyway, the Hokkaido Sika deer in the enclosure were in utter relaxed mode! As the largest subspecies of Sika deer, the Hokkaido Sika deer has a history of colliding with cars and trains in Eastern Hokkaido.

Guess humans would generally get all freakish when you place a human skin in front of them (e.g. Bangkok's Death Museum) and the taxidermied head might be of a discomfort to the living deer.

Onward to the wolves enclosure where the Eastern Timber wolves were housed behind glass! However, it's a long enclosure and taking the passageway on the side (2nd floor) was strongly recommended.

A wolf skin was hung on the wall although i couldn't quite remember if this was on the first or second floor. If on the first floor, it would be in full view of the wolves!

Second floor view of the enclosure; while long, it can never replicate the scale in the wild. 

Sheltered passage with glass on the sides to peer into the wolf enclosure.

Loving this howling wolf silhouette sticker that appeared to bring terror to the neighbouring enclosures; sea lions and seals right ahead and the polar bears further behind.

Caught a Eastern Timber wolf - with the largest body among all wolves, their natural habitat is in Canada and Alaska and they hunt wild boars and deer for food.

A sproutness of mushroom!

Unlike the wolves in Singapore Zoo, the ones here at Maruyama Zoo were way more active and alert and were seen pacing from one end to another; as if planning for some big escapade.

For a nearer and way more excitable encounter, proceed to the ground level before you step into the building; put it this way, you can almost touch them if you are willing to risk your fingers.

See how close they are?!

Want to feel more protected? There were mini-glass windows on the side where you can get pretty close to them without the feeling you would be physically threatened!



Miyagaoka 3 Banchi 1, Chuo-ku, 
064-0959, Hokkaido, Japan

Nearest Subway Station
Maruyama Koen (Exit 3).
Walk about 15 minutes.


Entrance tickets to the zoo apply at 600 yen an adult.

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