Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fire & Dine Bar & Restaurant @ Asiatique the Riverfront [Bangkok]

Weather was hot and with many retail shops at Asiatique The Riverfront yet to open for business, we opted for an early dinner even though things are seldom as clear out as we honestly couldn't decide the answer to the question "where". 

This appeared expensive and given that i am more a social drinker (one bottle of apple cider beer a sitting kind), i was honestly hesitant to step in! We were eventually convinced, visually, by the menu outside, which featured delicious looking food.

As the name suggested, this was essentially a bar cum restaurant concept and with bar being placed first, the ambience was skewed heavily towards that with bottles of liquor on display at the main counter.

No doubt this would be a marvellous place for friends to catch up over food and wine. For two persons who were there simply for food, the place was too dark for my camera! Thank god for the air conditioning though.

And the glass of ice cold coke! 

Menu was extensive and once again, we were spoiled for choices. As i had rice earlier at Tonkatsu Wako, i shall give the pasta menu a try then! 

I think the waitress was surprised we didn't order any beer / wine / liquor although she did kindly pass us a serving of peanuts; we must have appeared hungry. 

Deep Fried Calamari 
Batter was important for any deep fried stuff and this didn't fail our expectations with the batter remaining crispy even after a while on the table. My grouch was with the squid meat which was way too tough! I can only give extra credit to the super eggy mayonnaise that kind of helped us to clean up the appetiser. 

BBQ Pork Skewer
Big enough to replace a meal course, this was delicious and i cannot stop thinking of its marination even right as it was not overly sweet and tasted somewhat like our local char siew, albeit a bit chewier. Unlike the batter of the calamari, you have to eat this when it's hot as the texture hardened significantly when the dish cooled. 

Olio Angel's Hair
I remember the Angel Hair from Saveur well and since i don't get to see it often in the few pasta / Italian eateries i go too; it made perfect sense for me to order it on my 36th birthday! 

This wasn't too bad but a tad too dry for me. It was also spicy with all the tiny pieces of chilli padi which i could somewhat accept. The thing i enjoyed most? The slices of nicely fried garlic! 


Can't say i am 100% satisfied with my meal even though i would love to try out the slow-grilled chicken. The aroma was so enticing and i only saw the grill counter after i exited! I can be extremely blind. 

10, Warehouse 10,
Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours
Mondays to Thursdays - 5.30pm to 12.30am
Mondays to Thursdays - 5.30pm to 1am

Facebook Page

Deep Fried Calamari - 280 Baht
BBQ Pork Skewer - 130 Baht
Olio Angel's Hair - 220 Baht
[Subject to VAT (7%) and Service Charge (10%)]

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