Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fantail Pod @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Extension [Singapore]

The urban landscape in Singapore has undergone great changes over the past few decades but this development can also be seen in our nature reserves to hype up interest among the residents. 

Put in the boom for social media and you would know that structures like the above are, to put it plainly, instagrammable with the potential of numerous likes. For me, it's more bloggable than instagrammable and for the former, it would require a short exploration to check out the unique "interior". 

Reaching the top was an easy feat given that the structure wasn't tall to begin with; even the frequently used tower has been replaced with the term "pod" although i honestly thought it looked like a flower bud from far. 

Don't come in if you encounter heavy rain as the pod isn't a sheltered one! If visitor numbers continued to be as slow, it wouldn't be long before a big bird used the fantail pod as a nesting ground. 

I love static compass that shows the distance to notable countries / attractions etc. This one shows the direction and distance of wetlands; furthest of which is the Hong Kong Wetland Park at 2,580 kilometers away. 

The messy layering of wood pieces making up the structure's facade would be considered as "artistic" by some; at random intervals, you might be allowed to catch an expansive glimpse of the scenery outside.

There's an opening for a wider receptacle of the scenery of course and dad was happily pointing out places he had been to as a lorry driver; that tree-lined passage is a road and dam for Kranji Reservoir.

View of Malaysia - as this position was bit further away from the city centre, you don't see as many towering buildings. Anyway, the area for Malaysia was touted as hot prosperity given the amount of greenery on Singapore's side. 

They were at least a hundred or two hundred meters away from the shore but the water remained shallow for people to walk on it. Want to guess what they are doing? Answer: harvesting clams! Do be careful as the dam does release water every few hours and there had been incidents of drowning. 

Time to leave!

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