Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mawar Merah Ayam Penyet @ Bukit Merah Central [Singapore]

As i am hardly adventurous when it comes to food, i relied heavily on friends and family members to recommend dining establishments that might somewhat interest me. 

One such recommendation was located within Coffee Express 2000 kopitiam at Bukit Merah Central I first visited a few months ago with my colleagues but alas, i didn't have my huge-ass camera with me then. The place was also too crowded; i had to quickly finish my food and evict for the benefit of those hovering around our tables!

I made it a point to return recently, right before my car were to have ended his life, and order a serving of the signature ayam penyet from "Mawar Merah" stall. Thankfully, it was the tail end of the lunchtime crowd and ample time was granted for picture after picture.

There were a few anomalies that differed from the ayam penyet i had before and most significant was the use of sweet sauce on the "smashed" fried chicken. Another would be what i described to be the "Malay style" marination for the chicken; a noticeable turmeric flavouring was found in each bite! 

Both deviations appealed to me although i am as impressed with the soft, tender chicken meat and tauhu (latter of which must be eaten first)! Those who couldn't take well to chilli should ask for it to be placed separately; it was so hot and it didn't help the weather was also insanely hot that day! 


Block 165, Bukit Merah Central,
#01-3683 (Coffee Express 2000)

As above (red star)

Operating Hours (subject to change)
Mondays to Fridays -8.30am to 6.00pm
Saturdays - 8.30am to 6.00pm
Sundays - Closed

Ayam Penyet (comes with rice) - S$5


  1. yes.....totally agree with you. It's my favourite stall too!

    1. haha what else is good there?! i am super lazy when it comes to trying new food, especially when there's something i already like. :P


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