Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wind-Rain Bridge (风雨桥) @ 桂林阳朔世外桃源 [The Forgotten Wonderland]

At this angle, you might have thought i am going to enter into a traditional Chinese pavilion. 

Wrong! It's actually the entrance of a bridge unique to the Dong minority tribe in China. Its design embodies two elements; to allow people to cross without exposing themselves to the weather elements and permitting them to rest along the way!

Insides of the bridge - benches are found by the sides where you can sit down to take a breath, if necessary. Now, for such a long structure, it was impressive to hear that not a single nail was used in its construction! 

Resting your feet in the bridge also means giving your eyes a feast! Okay, maybe this isn't applicable to every single wind-rain bridge in China but it does apply to the one at the Forgotten Wonderland attraction!

The drizzle added a layer of mystic to the karst formations on the background even though the purpose built traditional buildings remained crystal clear. If you ask me, i would very much prefer a clear sky for better photos! 


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