Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hassan Rabit Mutton Dam Briyani (Halal) - I Couldn't Resist It! @ Ayer Rajah Hawker Centre [Singapore]

The heavy ingestion of calorie-rich goodies over the lunar new year means an urgent need for me to embark on a detoxifying, carbohydrate-restricted diet; i did try but i just couldn't keep my mind from veering towards the direction of the above stall at Ayer Rajah Hawker Centre!

That's it; i can always go on a diet another day; satisfying the craving was more important! You know a stall must be good in what they do when there's nothing much except for two large metal containers. 

Briyani is their only specialty although you do get a choice of either mutton or chicken. I am not a big fan of chicken unless it is deep fried; hence, mutton for the win! 

Dalcha curry - this wasn't our typical hot and spicy curry; i found it to be rather mild and used principally as an agent to moisturize the fragrant basmati rice. 

Texture of the mutton was at an optimal tenderness even though i would have enjoyed the meat much better if it was deboned! Despite the fact that the ingredients were good on its own, mixing them up would be crucial to reach the apex of enjoyment for this dish.

The standard mouthful should consist of a zesty piece of acar pickle, a portion of the flavourful mutton, a scoopful of the not-oily yet ever delicious basmati rice and finally, just about a tablespoon of dalcha curry! Oh-la-la, yummy! 


Block 503, West Coast Drive,
#01-74, Ayer Rajah Food Centre, 

Mutton Dam Briyani - S$6 

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