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Tiga Ruang - Last Part of the Afternoon Snorkelling Session with Perhentian Island Resort [Malaysia]

Tiga Ruang - the last item for the afternoon snorkelling session was just a short throw from Tanjung Basi and from this angle, i had a rough idea where the speedboat would be stopping.

Quite obvious although it could be a matter of scrambling for space with the many tourists who were already there. The latter didn't quite materialise as some boats were getting ready to leave a short while after we disembarked.

Experience (which wasn't much by the way) tells me to go straight for the rocks as their existence often provides numerous hidden spots for the marine life! 

Before i plunged into the water, let me show a photograph of the side that i would be exploring. Coincidentally, this was the same side that many people were snorkelling towards.

As evidenced from the above.

Many fishes indeed but they belong to the common, boring species known as sergeant major that i chanced upon in every beach destination so far. 

In snorkelling, an alert eye coupled with slow movements is always handy for you to spot camouflaged creatures that would otherwise have eluded your vision.

Thought no fin!?!? This rule was frequently flouted, even by the locals, and enforcement was lax from what i see. I can however understand from the viewpoint of the beginners; they are generally unprepared to fight the waves and most would attempt to gain stability by stepping on the corals.

Poor corals. 

Maybe due to the closeness of the rocks which provided a more varied terrain and a shallower depth, i must say the underwater view at Tiga Ruang was really quite impressive.

It's like a surprise would be waiting for you every time you cross over a massive boulder or attempt to peer into the crevices in between the rocks! For all you know, a moray eel could be hidden and waiting to defend itself.

When you surface from the water, do be careful of your head. Some of the rocks have overhanging arches that could deal a blow to your head; as one did to me when i was in Tioman

This was pretty - don't they look like bouquets of flowers?! 

A cluster of vibrantly lipped clams.

School of silvery fishes - the undercurrent didn't seem to affect them and they were "at attention", facing one direction with no movement except to make way for the clumsy humans, like myself.

I so like this picture! Someone did that in Maldives but of course, his/her skill was way above me and managed to capture the spectacular view of both above and under the water.

Introducing, once again, my decathlon easybreath snorkeling mask - in my honest opinion, this is an essential item for any snorkeler! Anyway, i took out my mask because i was getting sea sick. Haha.

The best cure for sea sickness? Get your feet on solid ground and source for a suitable place to rest your head and body! 

I found a spot away from the sun yet near to the sea! 

After resting for a good ten minutes while listening to the therapeutic voice of mother nature operating the earth, it's time to stand up and explore the surroundings. Spot the crab!

Our trusty twin-engine speedboat! 

Guess the rainbow effect came about due to the water on the lens. 

A dead crab baked under the scorching hot sun; it was sadness at first sight even though after a while, i could not help but reminisce about steamed crabs which had the exact same colour.

Lastly, inconsiderate tourists who dumped a used diaper on the rocks! Even if you could not find a dustbin, bring it back to the resort lah and dispose it appropriately! Dumb ass!


Tiga Ruang, Pulau Perhentian Besar, 
Trengganu State, Malaysia

Snorkelling Map for the Afternoon Session
As above.

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