Friday, January 09, 2015

The Ranch Western Grill & Bistro @ Geylang [Next to Aljunied MRT Station]

When you want to know what's top on the Great Kon's food recommendations, you just have to keep track of the number of times he actually visits the place!

From the conversations i had with him recently, i noticed that The Ranch was his lunch venue on quite a few occasions and this is coming from a person who eats all over Singapore! 

To be frank, the individual items on the ala-carte menu were pretty pricey on its own (especially given its proximity to Singapore's red light district) and i would suggest going for the economically priced set lunch / dinner. It does help, at least mentally, that no additional service charge or GST would be imposed. *happy*

Smoked Duck
Meat lovers would enjoy this simply for the excessive amount of duck breast meat on the plate! I was really expecting just a few slices of meat coupled with an excessive amount of lettuce, as in the case for most places. 

Generosity aside, each slice had just the right amount of fat to juice up the meat which was also infused with the light, smoke-fragrant spiciness from the peppercorns. 

Ranch S.M.S
SMS obviously doesn't stand for Short Message Service in a food outlet; it is the acronym for Shitake Mushrooms with Sausages! Overall a tad too salty for my liking; Kon mentioned it was a far cry from what he had in his last visit! 

Woo-Hoo Set Dinner
Besides the main, soup and dessert at S$21.90, the set also included a complimentary drink. I guess a can of non-sugar Ayataka green tea would help to balance out the rich offering i was partaking that day. 

Set - Cream of Mushroom
The thickness was evident from the first sip and next came the creaminess. Too creamy in fact and not to my liking as i have always enjoyed my cream of mushroom with tonnes of mushrooms that were coarsely diced up. 

Set - Ranch Pork Chop
I love having pork chop but could hardly find any that impresses me. Before The Ranch, only the pork chop from Buckaroo can satisfy me. Looks like i have found another place to placate my pork chop craving when it hits. 

Put away the chilli / tomato sauce and enjoy the natural juice secreting out from the grilled meat as you slowly chew it; the longer, the more enjoyable! Two things could have improved my experience; make the slab thicker and more tender (it was honestly a bit tough). 

Set - Brownie with Ice Cream.
We were supposed to have apple crumble but it wasn't available! Served warm, the brownie didn't have that moist texture many diners would have looked forward to; nevertheless, there were some nuts included in the batter and it was still satisfying as a simple dessert to conclude my dinner. 


71 / 73 Lorong 27 Geylang
[Next to Aljunied MRT Station]

As above.
Proof of evidence that it was really just a few steps away from Aljunied MRT Station! 


Phone: 6747-0788

Menu (Sets Only)
Set Lunch
Set Dinner

Smoked Duck - S$12.00
Ranch S.M.S - S$9.90
Woo-Hoo Set Dinner (Ranch Pork Chop) - S$21.90
[No Service Charge, No GST]

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