Monday, November 17, 2014

The S$4 Teochew Minced Meat Noodle (潮州肉脞麵) @ Peck Hoon Teng Eating House along River Valley Road [Singapore]

I was one of the few kiasu Singaporeans who turned up early for the Decathlon eXperience on Saturday but seeing that there wasn't a queue, i decided to use my precious time for breakfast instead.

The only two problems were; i didn't want to spend too much on food and the area surrounding the upmarket Mohamed Sultan road wasn't exactly known for cheap food! 

Walking aimlessly helped and i soon found myself in front of a coffeeshop housed within a likely pre-war shophouse! Our typical Singapore kopitiam - food, in any case, should be easier on the pocket. 

Nevertheless, i still forked out S$4 for this bowl of teochew minced meat noodle! The saving grace, at least for first impression, was that the cook didn't sting on the meat ingredients!

Counted three meat balls, a generous serving of minced pork, slices of pork (thankfully no pork liver which i absolutely detest) and a considerable amount of pork lard! *melted*

Noodles were nothing to scream about and to be totally frank, texture was the type i like with thin al dente strands that didn't stick to each other; it was more the lack of flavour that surprised me! In this case, i really have to thank the existence of chilli sauce and ketchup!

Would i revisit? For the sake of the meat ingredients (and the fact this was one of the cheaper meal in the vicinity), it would be a resounding yes!


219, River Valley Road,
Peck Hoon Teng Eating House
[Near UE Square & Liang Court]

As above

Menu & Pricing
As of signboard above.

Additional Information
A glass of good old Asian style coffee was really cheap for that area at only S$1.10!

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