Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jeju Grilled Squid & Dried Fish (鱿鱼丝,香烤鱼干) - Where to Buy Them! @ Cheonjiyeon Falls [Seogwipo, Jeju, Korea]

For those out to have a variety of food to choose from that are also within walking distance in Jeju's second largest city, Seogwipo, i have a suggestion for you. Check out the immediate area outside Cheonjiyeon Falls! 

And the one stall you should never miss is the one selling grilled sotong right in front of Dunkin Donuts. There were a number of similar stalls but this one (branded as being authentic) took the cake for having the most enticing aroma! 

The operators would willingly pass you samples without you even asking and when i took a bite, i knew this would be the right place where i can grab a few packs of grilled squid back to my mom; the texture was chewy yet soft with a flavour of the ocean that was extremely addictive! 

Machine that tore the poor squid to shreds! I have always thought it would be easier to do so by hand although i don't think i can resist not having a few shreds on the job! Maybe that's exactly the reason for inventing the machine. Haha.

While we were contemplating how many packets to buy (they were good for two weeks), the owner handed to us a few pieces of stuff that came from the box on the right. Oh my gosh, it was darn good! 

That stuff was grilled dried fish and i initially thought the taste was a bit too fishy for me. However, it was just as addictive as the grilled sotong and the fact that it was crispy made it even easier for us to eat it like chips! 


We purchased four big packets in total.
Totally regretting not buying more! 

p.s. the dried fish turned soggy after the long plane ride and even though they continued to be edible, the taste wasn't as good. Nonetheless, do go for the yummy grilled squid! 

Outside of Dunkin Donuts,
Cheonjiyeon Falls, Seogwipo,
Jeju Island, Korea

Contact Number to Key in GPS
You may use the one for Cheonjiyeon Falls which is 760-6301

Small Packet - ₩5,000
Large Packet - ₩10,000
(You can mix grilled squid with grilled dried fish)

For the summary of my inaugural South Korea trip 
(Seoul and Jeju Island), click HERE.

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