Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fried Oyster @ No 21. East Coast Lagoon Food Village [Singapore]

The local hawker food culture never fails to amaze me and if you have trawled through all the food postings i have in Singapore, it might surprise you to know that i have yet to cover all the hawker centres we have in Singapore! 

All 107 of them, of which East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a member! I have dined at this food centre once before but it was early morning when most stalls were not operational (the centre serves mainly the dinner crowd). 

This time round, i made it a point to visit slightly later at 2.00 pm. Half of the stalls remained close although it was much better than my first visit. Since i have been craving for fried oyster, i took my bet with no 21 as it seemed to have more business over its competitor.

The size of the oysters would have pleased many who have been complaining about the pathetic size found in many stalls but the first thought that came to mind as i took a bite of the fried egg infused with the natural flavour of oysters was "salty". It would also benefit from a crispier texture (this was more a personal preference)! 


1220, East Coast Parkway,
East Coast Lagoon Food Village. #21

As above

Fried Oyster - S$4.00 

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