Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck Rice (全记无骨卤鸭饭) @ Ghim Moh Temporary Food Market [Singapore]

It's ironic that in my seven years of service in NUS (save for that half year when i was out); i had never patronised Ghim Moh Food Market! When i eventually did, the original centre was in the midst of a major renovation and my first official patronage was hence at its temporary location. 

Not knowing what was good meant i had to depend on the one condition that seldom fails foodies; the length of a queue! I wasn't in the mood for the stall with the longest queue (which served horfun) and decided on the second best; boneless braised duck rice! 

A typical set comprised of a plate of braised rice, topped with a serving of braised duck meat, half a braised hardboiled egg, some braised beancurd and a scoopful of braised peanuts; you got it, all braised! Oh, and a bowl of soup that honestly could not beat the absolutely scrumptious one from Sean Kee @ Geylang

Frankly, everything tasted alright (read: unexceptional) except for the soup which i thought could benefit from a stronger herbal infusion. The key ingredient providing the punch was in fact the thick, savoury braised sauce that drenched all the aforementioned ingredients! 

To that, i thought having more wouldn't harm and i don't understand why i was given such a small quantity of braised sauce. Maybe the hawker had the impression i need to lose some weight!! Bloody, in that case, give me lesser rice lah!


To compare apple to apple, i like the braised duck at Sean Kee more! 

Block 150A, Ghim Moh Road,
Ghim Moh Temporary Market, #01-34 
[Located opposite the old Ghim Moh Market]

S$3 for Braised Duck Set

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