Sunday, September 28, 2014

PappaRich & his Super Rich Combo Nasi Lemak @ Star Vista [Singapore]

With such an "atas" sounding name, i should be forgiven for assuming this restaurant served only Western food at astronomical pricing! If you have been to any of its six outlets in Singapore, you would have known by now PappaRich offers Malaysian cuisine! 

Darn, that's honestly embarrassing! 

Anyway, i would not have stepped in if not for a group of colleagues who decided on it as a dinner venue for unknown reasons. I think it could possibly be its remote location at a corner of Star Vista.

Order taking via an order form; i prefer the old ordering method where an order taker would come to your table and you could even solicit recommendation (which i admit, might not even turn out good)! However, the shortcoming of taking up too much time in an industry with a manpower shortage has made it extremely crucial for dining establishments to use the order list instead.

Super Rich Combo Nasi Lemak
First thing - attack the crispy papadum before it gets soft! Nasi lemak sellers should consider adding this Indian snack as a staple to the Malay dish for that alternative texture just like nasi briyani!

At first glance, the image was definitely one of richness (for ingredients of course) and i could count a chicken drumstick, braised beef, squid, curry potatoes and basmati rice! Beef was tough and i thought mutton would have been a better substitute while the squid would have benefit from a better marination. 

The rice, despite its intense star anise essence and peppered with raisins, was in a sorry state of dryness! Rescue came in the form of the three types of curry / spicy sauces! 

In the competitive realm of nasi lemak, the chilli sauce makes / breaks it and even though this (including the juicy chicken drumstick which came with a thin crispy skin) was quite good, it was still not comparable to Mdm Kwan's and Grandma's signature nasi lemak


1 Vista Exchange Green, 
#01-43, The Star Vista, 
(Next to Buona Vista MRT Station)


Super Rich Combo - S$16.90
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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