Sunday, August 10, 2014

Visiting the Cemetery on Hungry Ghost Festival 2014 @ Lim Chu Kang Cemetery [Singapore]

It's the lunar seventh month once again and i could not help visiting the cemeteries once again in this auspicious period after the incredibly interesting experience i had last year!

This time round, we reach a bit later nearing the witching hour and boy was the stretch leading to the cemetery crowded. It was obvious that we are looking at a lot more people compared to last year! 

Requesting for permission would be courteous before you attempt to join any group. I neglected to ask for consent for photo-taking but that was addressed after we got into the cemetery. Note: no flash photography allowed! 

Noticed quite a few neon-lighted vehicles this year; not sure of their significance although they sure attracted our attention; helped no less by the fact that it was almost pitch black in the cemetery. 

Following the vehicle; we turned into the last entry point going towards Lim Chu Kang jetty and its exact location was actually one straight road in with no additional turn. 

Most came in via the two lorries and all of them congregated for further instructions from the temple organisers; many of whom are guys around my age!

Time to start 'planting' the candles and incense sticks to light the way for the spirits. 

A few other photographs; Kon and Alex assisted with the candles while i busied myself with taking more and more photographs. I brought along my tripod this time even though as expected, i didn't quite master the skill of taking night time photography. 

One of the groups started lighting up the paper offerings; as a Chinese, i am accustomed to paper burning since young yet i don't really see the point now that i am older. Furthermore, such cultural rituals pollute the environment! 

Even though it was a day short of full moon, the sky was quite bright and we can vividly see the clouds using our naked eyes. At this time, it was close to 11am.

Everything was ready for the upcoming possession. 

Now's the disclaimer; we didn't stay. Put it this way, we figured the concept would be the same as last year and our dear Alex had to work today! Poor chap! 

You may refer to my post last year on "Ghost Festival (7th Lunar Month) Ritual - The Possession by Dua Yah Peh (大爷伯)". Click here for the details.

Before i end the post, i would answer a question that many concerned friends would ask; "Did you encounter any supernatural thing?" The answer is no; as i have always insisted, lim chu kang cemetery is a nice place to visit at night and its calm, peaceful disposition really puts one at ease! 

Don't believe me? Try checking out the cemetery tonight! 


  1. This was a fascinating post with beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your Hungry Ghost Festival experience.

    1. Glad you like it! Nothing beats being there physically for the experience! You should check out the cemetery next Thursday or Friday. At night of course. :)

  2. i am actually a cemetery walker but really have not gathered the courage to do it at nite

    1. Ask your friends! I am not likely to walk the cemetery alone at night too! haha. On one hand, i am afraid like many sane people. On the other, it would be hard to seek help if anything happens!


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