Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Ultimate Selfie / Wefie Equipment - Monopod and Bluetooth Remote Shutter

I am quite a cam whore even though you don't really see those photographs unless you manage to get your hands on my mobile phone! Things might improve in the near future as i finally have in my possession the ultimate selfie / wefie equipment!

The monopod is no stranger to many people and many places are already selling them like hotcakes! Just went to JCube earlier this evening and just the monopod alone was selling at S$12.90! The bluetooth remote shutter is going to cost around S$5-8. 

But thanks to my sister's friend (you know who you are); we got the whole set for only S$5! Now the all important question: where did she buy them?! 

Guangzhou, China. 
I must really make a trip there soon! 

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