Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oblong Ice Cream Parlour @ Serangoon Garden [Singapore]

Serangoon Garden, a vicinity so famed for food that even the government has to step in to reduce the number of dining establishments, has no shortage of suitable chill out places. The problem lies only with finding an available parking lot for those who drive. 

Anyway, Oblong is an ice cream parlour that opened for business back in June 2012; how could it be so long since i last took a walk in that area, especially when it holds such fond memories (i used to work in the pet shop opposite Chomp Chomp)?!

Nothing fanciful and over-the-top decor about the place, except for maybe the American flag lookalike that caught my attention almost immediately as i entered the premise. Oh, and the hashtag #pee that seemed inappropriate given the nature of the business. 

Buttermilk Waffle w Ice Cream
Of course we had to order the Gang of Four all time favourite ang moh dessert; waffle! 

Let's start with the strawberry cheesecake ice cream; not the best we had and definitely not the worst although the overwhelming milky taste didn't quite appeal to our taste buds. Having written that, i am fully aware of friends who totally dig super milky ice cream. 

Texture for the waffle was quite a disappointment personally; too lumpy!! Thankfully it boasted the fragrant buttery flavour i enjoyed with a slightly burnt surface that was totally fine with me (by the way, Kon didn't quite like it)! 


10, Maju Avenue
[Serangoon Gardens]

Buttermilk Waffle - S$4.50
One Scoop of Ice Cream - S$3.30 / S$3.90

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