Saturday, August 16, 2014

Culprit Caught for Plagiarising My Review - Orchid Live Seafood

Check out my update here after you have read through this post. Orchid Live Seafood has officially replied me!

The kids are sleeping now and i finally have time to work on the upcoming post on a restaurant that was famous for its lobster porridge; as all decent bloggers would do, i would usually search for some basic information i could include for the benefit of my readers.

Top on the search engine was and it appeared to be from Orchid Live Seafood; the very same place where i had my first taste of lobster porridge! It was an unforgettable experience and i couldn't stop myself from clicking the link.

It is appears to be the official website of Orchid Live Seafood with a mouth-watering picture of their signature lobster porridge! I don't remember much about the history of the restaurant so i thought it would be insightful to check out "about us".

Wait! The photographs looked familiar!!! I did a check on my blog and yes, the website is using my photographs (with no credit, by the way). I am pissed and at the same time, amused by the actions of some people (even bloggers) who attempt to crop the photographs so that they don't bear the 'mark' of the original photographer. 

What took the cake was the article for "about us". Notice the similarity in the sentences?! To confirm, you may refer to my review HERE. I don't profess to be a good writer and it was indeed an honour to be plagiarised. But it is also a matter of integrity!

Time to leave a message for the operator! =_=
Let's see if he / she would reply.  


  1. Wonder how they would salvage the situation.

    1. i have already sent an email; let's see if there is any response.

  2. For all you know, the business themselves might not even be aware that their website has contents from your blog. They don't usually design website themselves. :)

    1. I agree with you to a certain extent although back in my mind, i am aware it's the responsibility of the business operator to vet the contents, especially for something as important as "about us".


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