Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Candy Crush Level 252 - The Game That Never Seems to Stop!

I have succumbed to the temptation and downloaded Candy Crush; it was too irritating to see most people on the trains playing the game, many of them around my parents' age! How can i lose to them?!?!!?

Whatever the point is, i had been diligent and so far, managed to clear more than 200 stages to get to my current position (honestly, i did sacrifice quite a bit of my weekends and blogging time). 

As this game has been around for so long, i really don't see the point of blogging about it until i got to level 252; amazingly, this time-limited stage never seemed to end and i was excited to see it crossing over 500,000 points after a while! Till then, my maximum was only about 350,000. 

Looking at the constricted score counter, i wonder what would happen if i have the chance to cross a million points; would the counter stop accepting the points or would the game crash!? This curious cat mentality compelled me to keep going. 

About to breach the counter!!!

And it comes to naught; the font size got smaller just to accommodate the higher score. I could have attempted for another 9 million points but i figured time could be better use elsewhere (like finishing my postings on Taiwan)!

Final score as above! 

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