Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jovyn and Her Last Week in Talent Plus Playgroup

A piece of sad news for everyone who could not get enough of Jovyn in this blog; starting from next year, she would reside in her parent's place at Sengkang which means my interaction with the spoiled brat would be tremendously reduced. 

As she would also exit from her current playgroup in Yishun, my mom "arrowed" me on my precious one-day leave to accompany Jovyn to her playgroup and take some photos. Here goes:

In the lift and likely wondering if she should attempt pressing all the buttons to irritate her grandma who was already flustered that Jovyn would be once again late for classes. 

You think she cares? 
Hell no!

Going to miss her mischievous look! Honestly, since she started staying with us after the expiry of my sister's maternity leave, she has always been a bundle of joy and often brings us lots and lots of laughter. 

The negative aspect is that i often have to sacrifice my blogging time to play with her. Not to mention she loves to come to my room where she can lie on my bed and watch "doraemon" without having to compete with my parents for Channel 8 programmes.

Watching the cartoon quietly would the best scenario for me to concentrate on blogging but she has a short attention span and deems it necessary to disturb me every few minutes with "jiu jiu" (Chinese for Uncle). 

This coming week would be her last week with Talent Plus Playgroup which was located conveniently near Yishun MRT station and only about ten minutes walk from our house. 

Since there was some delay to the start of classes on that day, i decided to make full use of the time (and my leave) to take more pictures of Jovyn and my mom. 

Anyone still remember the post i did on Jovyn's resistance to attend playgroup? The situation has improved markedly and there is one person my mom is very grateful to. 

Teacher Yani who was terribly patient yet firm with Jovyn from the very beginning! As mom was the main caregiver, it was a blessing that Yani can speak Mandarin and hence, was able to advise my mom whenever the need arises. 

Anyway, the threat of HFMD (hand foot mouth disease) remained to be on high alert and all toddlers were screened (temperature, checking of spots / rashes on hands etc) thoroughly before they were allowed into the facility. 

Awwwwww.... this reminded me so much of my kindergarten days when we would compare with fellow school mates on whose school bag was nicer! Can't really quite recall what was the "in" character then but it could likely be He-man or transformers. 

Considering that the playgroup session was only two hours long, the smaller space didn't appear to pose a problem for the kids. It did seem spacious; thanks to the full length mirrors. 

I personally think it is important for kids to start socialising from young; the way adults interact can never be on the same level as compared to children of roughly the same age. 

Furthermore, peer pressure is necessary in the learning process. Back at home, she was the rogue princess who can have her way so long she cries. In a playgroup, she can see many small people like her who behave and hence, would likely follow. 

The different languages we used at home can also be confusing for the kid; English, Mandarin and even Hokkien! In the playgroup, as with other educational institutions, English is the medium of instruction. Full stop. 

Another advantage of this playgroup was that my mom's friend operates the karaoke lounge right next door (which is connected via the wooden door) and hence, would periodically check if Jovyn is behaving or not. Jovyn was fully aware of this and would knock on the door for "auntie" whenever she threw the occasional tantrum.

She came over to keep me company and must have wondered what i am doing here when even grandma was prohibited into the room during playgroup time. 

I chased her away (contrary to the misleading picture, i didn't push her)! Damn, i can play with her all i want at home and i don't cordon wasting money if all she does was to stick to me during the session! Her playgroup cost my sister S$165 a month okay! 

Great, she started playing with Lego bricks which we didn't have at home. Hm.... maybe i should buy her a Lego set for Christmas. At least Lego bricks are better than the colourful balls that Alex bought for her! 

Sadly, her attention waned within minutes and she switched to playing with her fellow playmates. 

The other kids were not accustomed to see a stranger in the class, especially an adult male, although having a big ass camera did help to pique their curiousity. 

An individual portrait for Jovyn. 

More pictures as i am running out of words to fully describe the intricacies of operating a playgroup, which was obviously beyond my capability! 

Teacher Yani and her colleague helping to assemble the kids for a class photo! A session was actually scheduled on Thursday this week but i am unable to attend. Therefore, i am extremely thankful for their help to make this happen. 

A full class strength was sixteen kids but quite a number didn't turn up. This should be quite common since it was a Monday and kids, like adults, have the tendencies to indulge over the weekend. I think.

Last picture of Jovyn smiling in a most cheeky manner before i left the class. 

I was back an hour later to pick her up with a heavy heart. Think about it, once she moves over to Sengkang, it would be less likely for me to pick her up from school (i think i would be too lazy to drive all the way there). 

Oh well, i guess i would have more time for blogging then. 


  1. Jovyn looks really adorable! You are such a good uncle, to document her last day in playgroup so well!

    1. hahaha unwillingly! but i am glad i tagged along; it serves for good recollection of memory when i am older and when she is older! :P


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