Friday, November 22, 2013

Kafe Roost - The Eco Friendly Concept @ Johor Bahru [Malaysia]

I am apprehensive when it comes to driving to Malaysia and has only ever driven once to our closest neighbour! Therefore, the food i had had were always limited to places at or near the tourist areas! 

Thanks to my new NUS colleague, i was brought to this cool cafe known as Kafe Roost in Johor Bahru. It may not look much in the above picture but all you need is to step in and walk up the stairs for a better look. 

In addition to the open area where smokers congregate, there was an air-conditioned section filled with so many unconventional furniture; it should rightfully be a unique feature for the cafe.

Almost everything appeared to be made of recyclable materials! 

Sofa made of cardboards; they were actually very sturdy! 

Key attraction was mainly on the appearance and not so much on comfortability for the users; this chair was a literal pain in the ass! 

Items as simple as a cutlery holder were made from reused materials you and i can easily identified with. It's a pity that nowadays, we are offered much cheaper alternatives and this has unfortunately stifled the creativity we used to have. 

Bloody; even the hanging lights had that cool, ingenious vibe to them!! 


Not sure where exactly although it was supposed to be an heritage area quite close to the old Malaysian checkpoint. 

According to my checks, the google map coordinates should be 1.45730,103.76411

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