Saturday, November 02, 2013

Desserts in Arbite @ 28 Aliwal Street (Near Arab Street and Beach Road)

If there's one that the Gang of Four could not resist in a Western cuisine restaurant, it is the temptation of desserts, especially when they come in fanciful names that further pique our interest. 

French Toast with G.M Mascarpone
For a moment, i thought i would be able to have this French toast with the General Manager who has the family name that is exactly the same as the creamy Italian cheese. 

Sadly, G.M refers to the Asian ingredient Gula Melaka that was mixed into the above cup of mascarpone and cream cheese (damn, i had no idea this was so fattening)!  

If eaten separately, the French toast and small cup of mixture would not blow you away. In fact, i thought the toast was a tad too burnt and might perform better using a different of bread. 

Once you mix both and eat them in one simple chomp, the taste improved markedly even though i still stand by my review that the bread used could be better. 

My Wife's Chocolate Cake
This simple name evokes a strong sense of homely feel and i feel compelled to give it a try whenever i see a dish that starts with my father, my mother, my husband, my wife, my grandfather or my grandmother. 

Frankly, i love the chocolate cake; it wasn't cloyingly sweet, had a light, airy texture and a significant layer of delicious chocolate cream on top! Credit also to the vanilla ice cream which had that incredibly rich vanilla essence sought by many!


For my review on Arbite's main offerings, kindly click HERE.

 28 Aliwal Street, #01-01 [Finding a carpark lot is frustrating, so please consider parking your car at Sultan Plaza or Keypoint and use both your legs to walk over] 

As above 

Number to Call for Reservation 
8321 2252 


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