Monday, August 19, 2013

Fishball Noodles - My Current Favourite @ Broadway Food Centre [Yishun Block 414]

As a person who loves to eat and share his personal food experiences with family, friends and readers of this blog, it's actually quite common to hear of comments that don't agree with my review. 

Often, i attribute them to individual taste and preference although i have had my fair share of disappointment when i paid the food establishment another visit. At times, it is a matter of quality that deteriorate‎s over the years. 

Why am i saying so much? Because i am no longer satisfied with my bowl of fishball noodles from Xiang Xiang in Chong Pang! And that is a major blow given i had been loyal for over twenty years! 

Thankfully, a substitute is readily available and it's merely a five-minute drive from my house! Location: Block 414, Yishun Ring Road, Broadway Food Centre! 

From the outlook, it looks just like your normal bowl of fisball noodles saved for the generous sprinklers of minced pork right on top! I first tried it half a year ago (thanks to my dad who insisted on having fishball noodles) and so far, the standard has been consistent.

Their fishballs were not as great as Xiang Xiang in their heydays but had a solid QQ bite that far surpassed many stalls selling the same dish. What i am more impressed with were the noodles. 

Okay, i lied. 

It was more the combination of everything (except for that pathetic piece of lettuce) that surprised me; from the al dente noodles to the fatty minced pork and even the sauces! A perfect amalgam of sweetness, sourness, spiciness and savouriness! 


Block 414, Yishun Ring Road,
Broadway Food Centre

Minimum S$2.50 a bowl


  1. Should try the Fishball noodle at Old Airport Road. Stare name "Ru Ji". Their fish ball and Fish cake are handmade and it's the best fishball noodle, I have tasted so far....

    1. Thanks for sharing! Argh!!! i have been to Old Airport for a long long time! It's within the hawker centre? Shall give it a try next time. Once again, thanks!

  2. really? Xiang Xiang standard has dropped?

    1. When was the last time you visited? Standard started dropping a year or two back but it turned for the worse in the past few months..

    2. sometime last year!

    3. time to visit again! :P


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