Saturday, August 03, 2013

One Concept Wine & Dine @ Blair Road [Opposite Singapore General Hospital]

An old friend whom i met up today was sharing with me a new restaurant right behind his workplace that serves good fusion food. I thought of driving past the place just to check out the location but he insisted on treating me for a sampling session! 

Mind you, this was after a heavy char siew, roast duck and roast meat meal at Kay Lee followed by a dessert session at Changi Village and a durian indulgence at Katong.

I was full. 
I could hardly reject a free meal though. 

Canadian Scallops
Despite my initial reservation that lightly grilled scallops would not differ much from the ones served in typical coffeeshop tze char stalls, i have to agree that the combination of juicy scallops, sourish orange pulps, salty fish roes and crunchy sweet bell peppers was simply as extraordinary as they looked! 

Croquetes Mushroom
Sitting on a bed of green sprouts, these golden 'rocks' were a result of grinding the breadcrumbs into finer bits before deep frying them in a pot of boiling oil. Yawnz, hardly impressive. 

That was until you tear them apart! You would never have guessed what the filling taste like (without me telling you of course); mushroom soup! 

Honestly, the concept was similar to soup in a bread bowl, albeit in a smaller, crispier proportion. Personally, they would be godsends if the filling was in liquid form. Imagine the warm sensation of yummy mushroom soup flowing down the throat..

Basil Cheese Cake
I surely did not expect such a glamourous, flowery presentation for a cheesecake, no matter how uniquely flavoured it was said to be!

Anyone can remember a dessert that was presented in an almost identical way? The dirt cake from Vanilla Cafe, which was a great letdown in my honest opinion!

This one from One Concept was way better; topped with a generous serving of digestive and chocolate biscuit cumbs, what absolutely excited my taste buds was the salted layer of blissfully sweet biscuit base. 

Now, i am not a big fan of basil and although i did enjoy the minty-peppery aftertaste of the cheesecake, i thought the flavour was a bit subdued when having it with the biscuit crumbs and base. It might have performed even better with a really cheesy normal new york cheesecake instead. 


54 Blair Road
[Opposite Singapore General Hospital]

As above

For Reservation
Call 6225-8043 / 6225-8049

As above (click and save to zoom in for a clearer look)

Canadian Scallops - S$15
Croquetes Mushroom - S$15
Basil Cheese Cake - S$12
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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