Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jovyn - Her Reluctance to Attend Playgroup!

Just like any child, the time would eventually come for them to attend school where they would begin the lifetime journey to gain necessary knowledge and learn essential social skill together with strangers.

Jovyn, the little brat, is no exception. 

Initiating the newbies to a fixed schedule away from family members and home is always difficult and Jovyn, being especially close to her grandmother (my mother), is terribly resistant when it is time for her to attend the merely two-hour playgroup. 

As i did not see Jovyn in action, it's hard for me to visualise the actual situation! I was unfortunate to fall sick on Tuesday and i figured that since i am on the way to get some healthy fish porridge, i might as well accompany both of them to school.

Everything appeared fine, at least in the beginning.

Until it suddenly dawned on Jovyn's two years brain the she was indeed going to school!! That's when the tantrums started; screaming "no, no, no" with tears streaming down her fatty cheeks!

She has also mastered the incredible art of the resistant koala; holding tightly to my poor mom! 

That's not all - she has also taken to vomiting over my mom whenever she knows that crying is getting her nowhere! Gross.... obviously not an experience i would like to go through.

So for those who still think she is angelic, think again. 
The family is looking forward to the terrifying threes.

*a big big sigh*


  1. Mrs ng11:46 AM

    Hi, how does your daughter overcome the fear of going to school? Im experiencing that with my poor child now. Heartache to see him crying till i feel like giving up and stop his playgroup.

    1. Hallo! She is actually my niece. Don't stop his playgroup; the more you appear to pacify him, the more he would cry and refuse to go!


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