Monday, September 24, 2012

Halal Boneless Roasted Chicken Rice - TFF (Tong Fong Fatt) @ Bedok Corner Hawker Centre

With so many stalls offering good food in Bedok Corner hawker centre (which has the best ching tng in Singapore), i chose TFF for two reasons.

I was craving for chicken rice (that's always a deciding factor) and the impressive display of accolades outside the stall. It's disturbing not to find a queue even though i must understand it was way before dinner time!

The rice was not the best i had but the roast chicken meat was amazingly delicious! Soft and juicy, they were drenched in a super oily concoction that reminded me so much of the famous chicken rice in Yishun! Personally, i have always preferred roast chicken over white steamed chicken. 

If not for the bulging tummy, i might have considered purchasing a second serving!


1 Bedok Road, Stall #28
Bedok Food Centre

S$2.50 a plate!

Additional Information
It's halal and the meat was served boneless! 


  1. as far as Halal food is concerned, i agree with you! :P

  2. There's this other chicken rice stall in bedok market called 品香 which imo is good too. Serves tasty and generous portions of chicken.

    1. i think i have heard of it! been a while since i last had chicken rice; shall take note of your recommendation the next time i visit! :)


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