Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hidden Gem @ Tampines, Singapore

It was purely a day of mere coincidence that i chanced upon a small path in the midst of greenery while driving along a quiet road in Tampines.

For those who may not notice the path, the above shows a clearer picture of it.

Dispelling any thoughts of illegal immigrants and/or illegitimate activities (plus the fact we were waiting for both Kon and Van to finish their work), Alex and i walked into the small clearing and were immediately captivated by the view right ahead of us!

Not knowing what the hell this place was (the maps app on iphone drew a blank), i was suddenly reminded of this apparently haunted lake in Tampines that had rumours of a water ghost drowning humans who were caught trespassing his/her territory. 

But it was still day time! And at least ten human beings were together with us! Reason? Playing rc (radio controlled) boats on the pond!

The excitement from the fun race between two rc boats drove up our adrenaline and we were kept occupied for roughly ten minutes before the owners decided to call it a day.

Alex is now contemplating whether to get one just for the fun of it! Let's hope he is in that "san fen zhong re du" (three minutes heat) mode!

Since there was still some time to kill, we strolled to a less crowded area where anglers were patiently waiting for their preys.

The loud noise generated from the rc boats seemed to have no effect on the guppies (i think) just tens over meters away! That said, obviously those anglers were not expecting guppies at the end of their fish hooks!!

They were waiting for big fishes! Like this lucky man who got a catfish that was approximately the length of my arm! From my conversation with him, he had been waiting for half an hour!

This kind of patience is undeniably lost on me!

I am going to keep the location of this tampines pond a secret first (it could be an open secret from all i know). Maybe i will explore it again at night when time permits!

Jessica and Yiwen (Paranormal Kakis); On?!?!?


Exact Location can be found here.


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    hi where's this lake exactly, im so wanna go.

  2. give me time - i will update soon! :P


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