Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ramen Nantsuttei @ Parco Marina Bay

The last time i was in Parco Marina Bay for Ramen Keisuke, i commented on another ramen restaurant nearby that had a long queue.

Though i did not make it a personal goal to try that ramen restaurant, Ramen Nantsuttei was the one that came to my mind when i was in Suntec City for Comex 2010!

With blessing from the higher being(s), a near-empty restaurant met our eyes when we reached Parco Marina Bay at around 6pm.

Checking out on my iPhone while deliberating on my choice of ramen, i finally decided on Chashu-men with that additional topping of simmered pork!

After mixing everything to have a more singular, uniform flavour, i took a spoonful of this dark, murky soup (Alex thought it was beef ramen! WTF!) and slurped it up!

One word: Shiok!

The mayu (roast garlic oil) broth was damn thick and flavourful! As read from the informative menu, this is the result of 24 hours used to boil crushed pork bones to better extract the essential bone marrow!

Cavin's standard of a delicious bowl of soup can always be determined by how empty the bowl is at the end of the meal.

Now, the noodles.

They were not exactly Q but had a certain delectable taste (guess it's the soup) that were almost comparable to what i had in Ippudo!

Lastly, the Chashu!

I know it's freaking important to have Chashu that are so soft, so tender, minimal effort is required for biting and chewing!

Nantsuttei's special shoyu-flavoured Chashu were one of the tougher ones i had. Not that it's a bad thing since the Chashu gave a really intense flavour only when you chewed on it!

A serving of gyoza was ordered for the sake of ordering.

Tiny like the ones in Ippudo (ok, maybe slightly bigger), it was in comparison, too plain tasting.


9, Raffles Boulevard,
Millenia Walk, P3-06,
Parco Marina Bay.
Chashu Ramen - S$16.00
Gyoza - S$6.00
Subject to GST and Service Charge.
(Plain water served FOC)
Additional Information
There was a lecture on ramen eating in the menu!
I saw this only after i had devoured everything!!! Damn! So many rules just for eating noodles?!?!? Guess it is necessary to maximise the taste potential!
Love the wooden yet loud decor of the whole place! 
Especially the counter area!!

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