Friday, September 03, 2010

Many Birdies (Bird Infestation) @ Chong Pang, Yishun

As much as the ladies love, this post is not on the widely discussed “bird-like” anatomy of the male homo-sapien!


On the contrary, I am going to talk about the real birds on earth; those with wings and generally can fly (ostriches cannot fly, just to quote an example).


Time to note:
Around 7pm every day

Location to be at:
Yishun Avenue 5

What to Hear:
Loads of chirping!

What to See:
Tens of thousands of birds in the sky!

Like an invasion from a science fiction novel, the ammos dispensed are lethal, disgusting and goddamn smelly!

The damage inflicted on the pavements is so bad, public sanitation officers have to clean it practically every day!

Long long time ago, this act of aggression was a yearly affair, usually in the later part.

A huge group of migratory birds will proceed to descend on the little red dot and spend in Singapore the otherwise cold and bitter winter back in their home country.

Maybe there's a conspiracy between the gahmen and these birds because these flying creatures seem to take root permanently in Singapore!!

For the gahmen, it's a bring-back-the-birds campaign to enhance the nature level of the country and pray to god that it will increase tourist dollars!

For the birds, Singapore is a place with ample food supplies (regardless of what supplies we are talking about)!

Home to a stretch of road with law protected angsana trees; residents like me are in a fix.

We have no choice but to live with the inconvenience of seeking out covered walkways (Yes, I was one of the unfortunate victims when a black, white bullet dropped right on my head)!

With its trove of good food and splendid view (used to be better without the primary school and the upcoming construction), I cannot bear to leave this place i called home for the past 24 years.


There's only one consolation.

I can only be thankful my car has not reached the ultimate shitty stage, like the one above!!

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