Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Paris Spring Fish Head @ Casuarina Road

It was a cold, rainy Sunday and mother hen was craving for some hot soup to soothe herself after a massage session!  

Chancing upon this restaurant along Casuarina road, there's nothing french about this restaurant; at least for its romanised name.

The Chinese name, however, mentioned Dong Ting, indicative of the Dong Ting Lake in China; the origin of dragon boat racing.

Anyway, enough of the unrelated, weird English-Chinese translation of many companies' name that is becoming a norm even in Singapore!!

Mixed Seafood Mushroom Soup
Shiok!! Simple with a touch of home was the best description!

I might travel all the way to Casuarina just for this bowl of soup! Soup is better than carbo anyway and will seriously help in weight reduction!

Sweet and Sour Pork
Unlike most sweet and sour pork, the fried meat balls were already filled with the sweetness and sourness (obviously) instead of the usually drenched style. The only bad thing about this dish was that the pork was mixed with too much flour!!

Assorted Mushroom with Beancurd
Another dish that i personally liked (since i really like mushrooms)!

Great to pour this over a bowl of steaming, white rice!


I shall try their supposedly signature fish head steamboat next time.

126, Casuarina Road

Mixed Seafood Mushroom Soup - S$5.00
Sweet and Sour Pork - S$8.00
Assorted Mushroom with Beancurd - S$8.00

No Service Charge, No GST!!

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