Sunday, November 29, 2009

Restaurant City - Finale

Now what???????

Without any levelling, there's no longer any purpose or challenge in playing!

Being a late bloomer to this facebook flash game (started only some time this year) and no thanks to Hannah, break times/sleeping times/free times had been extensively used to
  • Plant seeds for extra ingredients other than buying them at exorbitant prices or getting them free daily or from a simple quiz. 
  • Feed/Rest my service staff in case they collapsed from exhaustion (usually every 4 hours! Damn weak right??),
  • Increase levels for my menu items so that i can earn more points,
  • Decorate my restaurant (exterior and interior) for personal satisfaction etc.

Not to say i am really sad, i am not. It's more devastating for me when FBOFW ended. In fact, i am pretty grateful that restaurant city is finally ending. More quality time can be spent on more important matters (like increasing the acclaim of MyZoo etc).

Until i click on the Mafia Wars link....

Come join MY MAFIA, brothers and sisters!!!!!

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