Friday, July 08, 2005

Busy Fulfilling Night~!

It should be exactly two am when i finish writing this blog post and yes, i just reached home!!! After a long trip that started from 7.45pm! As usual, my first stop after fetching my friend, Kimberly, was to go eat~ My life revolves around eating, remember? and my stomach apparently likes to revolve around fats too, i realise. Haha.

The first stop after roaming around Geylang for around 10-20 minutes to find a f*cking decent parking lot for Yong He, the famous You Tiao King!! For people who don't understand, it meant dough stick king. We ordered 3 glasses of soya milk, 1 soya beancurd, 3 dough sticks, one set of dumplings, one xiao long bao. The quality was still as good as before but the dough sticks were abit cold even thou crispiness remained!! Their dumplings (guo tie) still tasted good and i managed to persuade Kim to eat it with ginger and vinegar and now she’s HOOKED!! Haha.

After having a full meal (i ordered another glass of soya milk), we went to the famous lorong 18 geylang for an innocent view of red light district girls! And i tell you, they have advanced in their dressing! A lot of them wore bikinis! I never seemed to catch these kinda gals last time! The more funny thing happened when we passed by a group of tranvestites who were also looking for "business" and one actually looked at Alex and wana hugged him leh!! When alex rejected, she was so disappointed and say "wei!!" with a girly sway. Haha, the charms of Alex~

After the invigorating walk was the craving of the day! We went to the HK Smelly Toufu (STF) and ordered two pieces!! Quite expensive at $2 each, it's quite big compared to one I had in HK; Smelt the same though. I sincerely thought so until i was driving my car and Kim wassavouring the STF and the smell started to get more and more disgusting! Alex started to comment it smelt like diarrhea and i agreed!! BUT the taste of it was reli marvellous, i guess we should ask Ang Moh to try these also! Lol..

After all those heavy munching and with a smelly car travelling on the road, we went to Cosy Bay!! I just loved this place but this time, i went up to the tower and Kim and I just ordered fruit juices and started toking about life. It's been a long time since we last talked like this. I had a deeper understanding of her and i guess she had of me too! Anyway, the scenery was still as good as before, if only the wind was stronger.

Finally we came to the last event of the day! We went to Changi Village for tranvestites viewing and this time, the numbers were lesser but it made up for quality! The trans time were so f*cking f*ckable! Opps, i mean f*cking hot!! and pretty! Some came in just hot pants and bikini. It's more of an eye opener ~ Lol. Really enjoy e day! And Kim, thanks for your meal! hehe

Pity my car still smells of STF. Sighz.

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